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The Efest Luc V6 6-Bay Charger is a multi charger with an informative LCD indicator screen that informs users of the ecig battery cell charging status. The stainless steel components of the Efest Luc V6 6-Bay Charger like the springs and the tabs hold your rechargeable vape battery cells securely in place in the charging bay slots. The durable and reliable construction of the Efest Luc V6 6-Bay Charge means that even with the most rigorous of use the vital components will not experience wear and tear like cracking, splitting or fracturing. This vape battery charger can charge e-cig battery cells simultaneously or individually.

Simply place your electronic cigarette battery cells into the secure charging slots of the Efest Luc V6 6-Bay Charger and within seconds the intelligent device will automatically select the appropriate charging power for each individual ecig battery! Truly innovative!

The Efest Luc V6 6-Bay Charger is compatible with 18500, 18650, 26500, 26650 and many more making it a one stop shop for charging your electronic cigarette e-cig vape mod battery cells!


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